The Followers of Doog is a Religious Cult Formed in 1964, around the time of the show called The Magical Roundabout. It consisted of like-minded people who worshiped the benevolent but like-wise tyrannical god Doog. Members believed that it was Doog that created the universe and would return to it on his Magical Roundabout to rule over all of creation once more. The Followers of Doog would hold secret meanings in the basement that belong to the Doog priest's mother. They would plan for the coming of Doog by wearing Fur suits that resembled that of dog and yiff each others fucking brains out. They would then proceed to partake in the ritual known as Dooglin. Dooglin is when one watches the 2006 classic Doogal while covering themselves in little babies Ice-cream (still in the fur suits, naturally) And fisting themselves to the point were their anus' prolapsed. They would continue to fist themselves until they ejaculated and then would whisper the phase while shuttering from orgasmic pleasure "Things are about to get hairy". The House of Doog still exist's today and gatherings happen all across America and parts of Britain.

Followers of DoogEdit

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